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Electric Messiah TShirts (EMTs)

Get your Official Electric Messiah Tshirt


We have a wide range of shirt sizes available


If you would like to order an EMT (Electric Messiah TShirt) just shoot us an email at
Send us your EMT size as well as your address.


We’ve picked out the best quality and most cost effective shirts
to keep the prices down for you.


Mens EMT’s are Gildan SoftStyle Ring Spun Cotton T’s
Women’s EMT’s are Bella Ladies 2×1 Baby Rib Tank Tops
and look Amazing!


$10 each plus shipping


And as a special bonus we will throw in some
Electric Messiah stickers!

Electric Messiah T Shirts

Get your Electric Messiah T Shirts for only $10 plus shipping!


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How to create your very own Electric Messiah App for your iphone

I’ve created this tutorial for anybody that would like to have an easy way to see what’s going on with Electric Messiah without having to type a whole lot. We were considering doing the $399 app thing when a friend of mine suggested a much simpler, and much cheaper approach. I’m not sure if this will work with an android seeing as I don’t have one but I’m guessing it will have the same effect.

Here is a list as well as a visual of how to do this fairly simple operation.

1. Open your Safari App on your phone.

2. Type www.electric-messiah.com in your browser window in Safari.

3. Once you’ve typed www.electric-messiah.com in the browser window, click on the icon that looks like a box with an arrow pointing up (in the illustration it is circled in red). This will bring up a window that gives you multiple options for Safari.

4. You’ll see a menu there and one of the items in the menu says Bookmark. Click that.

5. Once the bookmark has been added click Save.

6. Now that you’ve saved the Bookmark open the page again by clicking on the bookmark. If done properly it will bring you back to www.electric-messiah.com. Then click on the box with the up arrow like you did in step 3.

7. Click on the menu item that says Add to Home Screen.

8. Now you should see a new app on your iphone!


David – Vocalist for Electric Messiah

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KISS Night at Vamp’d in Las Vegas

Saturday August 30th

Electric Messiah along with some of the best bands
and best talent in Las Vegas will be performing at KISS Night 3

Doors open at 8pm
Count’s Vamp’d
6750 W Sahara Ave.
Las Vegas, NV

For more information go to the official KISS Night webpage


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